2016 All's well that ends well

The new OMQ knowledge base management version 8 (module based) is now available. In addition to the great new design, the simplified navigation is immediately apparent.

OMQ software before Version 7
OMQ software after Version 8

With the current level of development they implemented the newest research findings. At the same time, it got easier to handle the system for optimizing customer service.

A special highlight is the modern module system.

With the new look of the knowledge management you have a clearly arranged administration. Moreover, you have a simple operation on the dashboard, because of an improved colouring, the uniform structure and an optimised display.

Don’t worry all important functions remain the same, but especially the module “knowledge base” was improved. For example, your agent gets the best overview about the current state of all questions and answers due to the new fielded categories. Furthermore, the individual categories can be edited multilingual.

You can manage normally the well-known modules OMQ self service and OMQ plug-in. With the new version it’s also possible to administer the dynamic FAQ, the OMQ service center.

Because of the successful cooperation, the new version has already been completed.

The module base system serves as the basis. In the coming months, new products can be added easier and faster than before. The whole team has was working hard for the last months. Now the new version is available for you. Be the first who works with our system! If you are interested, you can contact us anytime. We are just a click away.

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