Support for software

More and more software solutions are developed for many different areas. As a consequence, questions of the customer to respective companies get more complex and versatile. How can software companies answer the barrage of questions and support customers individually at the same time?


Today many companies use special ticket systems (e.g. Zendesk or to maintain customer requests. Yet, they only provide a basic interface to get an overview of the requests. An additional system is needed which answers the variety of customer requests faster and ensures a consistently high quality. This system provides the service employee suitable answers at the touch of a button and constantly bundles the entire knowledge.

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OMQ in use

With OMQ self service and OMQ plug-in software companies can provide their customers with an outstanding fast answer in two ways. On the one hand OMQ self service answers customer requests, which were entered in the contact field, with a special linguistic algorithm in real time. Thus, approximately 30 % of the requests can be automatically answered without an employee.

If an assigned request is still sent off from the contact field, your service employee can answer the message at the touch of a button. Our system suggests suitable solutions from our knowledge base. Therefore, the processing time of requests is reduced by at least 20 %. Furthermore, the training time of new employees is shortened due to the central knowledge and independent learning of the system. This allows companies with many products and services a high quality increase.

  • Lower training times
  • Consistent answers
  • Shorter processing times