Public institutions

Public institutions

Service in public institutions

Long waiting periods, little time for individual support or low overview of responsible departments. Customers of public institutions criticise those concerns and employees of universities or authorities have to accept this challenge.


The access to information can be complicated, because of the complexity of public institutions. This can be, for example, installation of new software, internal problems, or to find specialised employees. Therefore, employees need consistent access to information around the field and its processes. Ideally, information will be directly displayed in the ticket system. For this, public institutions generally use the ticket system OTRS.

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OMQ in use

If you use the OMQ knowledge base to consistently collect all information about departments, fields and processes, a variety of employees can be provided with it. As soon as you open a question in OTRS, OMQ plug-in will show the suitable entry from the knowledge base.

The OMQ knowledge base simplifies the communication within your institution and accelerates the information gathering. Employees are always up-to-date and can make decisions faster. The working process will be advanced and the quality increased at the same time.

  • Consistent knowledge
  • Everywhere available
  • Centrally assessable