Marketplaces need a good service

Ordering a pizza at short notice, or finding a local craftsman, because of a pipe burst. Customers expect quickly available information from online agencies. These are clear and allow your customers to make a fast decision.


Online platforms rely on customers who make fast decisions for a product or a service. If a prospective customer doesn't immediately get relevant information, they will change to a more efficient provider. Above all, for smart phone user it is important that the web version is clear and mobile. Agency companies can acquire customers by immediately providing them with suitable answers on any internet device at any time.

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OMQ in use

With OMQ self service, this process will be accelerated. Even before your customer receives an answer his request was sent to your company. He benefits from OMQ self service, which is integrated in the contact field of your web page or your app. It will show an answer in real time.

If your customer finds a suitable answer from proposals, he will not send his request. Therefore, the total volume of customer requests will be considerably reduced. Surprise your customer with your service, which suggests answers without the long wait and with high hit probability.

  • More suitable responses
  • Faster response times
  • Available on all devices