Industry: Software

Customer since: June 2012

Region: Worldwide

Staff: 250

Holding company which offers multimedia software to edit pictures, videos and music.

OMQ plug-in in use

With the OMQ plug-in MAGIX AG saves time in the process of support requests, simplifies the research process for the agents and reduces the training time for new employees. A variety of customer requests reach the company every day via email. Thereby, helping the customer quickly and competently is the highest priority and thus an advancement of the customer service and an increase of the support quality.


This extension of the OTRS system accelerates the editing process of the customer requests and makes the work of the agents easier. The self-learning knowledge base of the OMQ plug-in shortens the research time to possible solutions. All problems, which were already described in the conventional, internal base, as well as their solutions, are now saved in the OMQ knowledge base. The knowledge base is the core element of the support. The editors of MAGIX formulate suitable solutions for the customer requests to provide the collected and comprehensive in an appealing form to all employees.


The OMQ plug-in simplifies the working process due to cluster-based ranking procedures and learning tolerant keyword recognition. The possible answers, which are sorted by relevance, reduce the time of the editing process by up to 20 %. One decisive advantage of the OMQ plug-in is that employees don't have to search tediously and elaborately for suitable answers. Dynamic and standardised solutions will be suggested to the specific problem. The quality of the answers is increased and permanently saved due to the usage of pre-formulated text blocks of the OMQ knowledge base. Further advantages of the OMQ plug-in are a distinct reduction of the training period or rather the reduction of the training effort of employees. Thus, MAGIX AG was able to save 40 % time in the training of new agents.

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