Industry: Industry

Customer since: May 2014

Region: Worldwide

Staff: over 6,000

Sales: over EUR 1 billion

The worldwide producer Hörmann KG is Europe's leading provider for doors and gates.

OMQ self service in use

The Hörmann-Group is Europe’s leading provider of doors, gates, frames and drive trains. Since the founding in 1935, more than 15 million gates were produced and delivered worldwide. Furthermore, more than 6,000 employees develop and produce valuable gates, doors, frames and drive trains for the use in private and commercial property. The products are made in 27 specialised factories in Europe, North America and Asia.


Hörmann BiSecur App

With the BiSecure-App, which was developed from the brand leader of gate technology, it is possible to control drive trains of garage doors, entrance gates, front doors, light and further devices with a smartphone or tablet. Even a status request is possible, for example, the door position, locking status of a front door or whether the lighting is turned on. Questions, which are caused during usage, can be automatically answered through the direct connection with OMQ self service in the app. The asking customer immediately receives the correct answer with integrated proposed solutions during the input of the request. Therefore, although this application field is usually difficult, the service level increases. OMQ provides support for the responsible team during the integration process and for the optimal representation. The low display area caused an adaptation of the normal functions. The graphic elements were designed to help the user in the app to easily find a solution with the help of similar intuitive processes.

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