About OMQ GmbH

OMQ develops software support products in the fields of service and support. Due to the linking of the latest technologies, the products are characterized by easy handling. With the help of the widespread range of functions OMQ Software enables a more flexible and at the same time more efficient design of the service processes. Because of its universal usability, OMQ GmbH offers their customers a slim and customized solution which nevertheless realizes individual needs and requests optimally.



Matthias Meisdrock | CEO

Matthias Meisdrock is CEO and owner of OMQ GmbH. Due to his passion and high expertise in computer science, he is leading the product and innovation management. He is responsible for strategic planning, application as well as development of new technologies to optimally link them with the products.

Sven Engelmann

Sven Engelmann | COO

Sven Engelmann is COO and also owner of OMQ GmbH. Due to his extensive knowledge in finance and operations, he is responsible for OMQ’s economical component. Additionally, he manages the sales and other departments which have direct customer contact.

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Our customers are active throughout the world. No matter in what country your company needs support, our products provide 33 languages which can be used in over 140 countries. You can’t find your language?
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