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Customer help themselves

OMQ self service will be integrated into the contact form of your company. While a customer enters their request, suitable answers will appear. The customer doesn't send their request and the service employee doesn't need to answer.

OMQ self service Logo OMQ self service

Real-time help for customers.

The OMQ service center is a modern FAQ. The Solutions for eventually appearing questions are provided to the customer in an easy and fast way. Thus frequently and relevant topics are sorted and displayed in real-time.

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Faster service employees

Not every question can or has to be directly answered on the website. With OMQ plug-in your service employees receive a tool, which helps them to answer requests faster. Simply select the request of your customer, click on the suitable answer and send.

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Answer emails automatically

Your team permanently gets the same requests over and over again? Save time and support your service team with OMQ’s autoresponder! Strengthen customer loyalty with fast replies and individualized replies from the staff.

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